About Us

RavenSpace was founded by UBC Press and developed with the participation of the University of Washington Press and the contributions of our partners. RavenSpace is dedicated to a model of publishing that embraces collaboration, respects Indigenous protocols, and uses digital tools in imaginative ways to make knowledge accessible and shareable across communities and generations.

RavenSpace logo

Based on the Northwest Coast, RavenSpace draws inspiration from its birthplace. Raven appears in many Indigenous cultures and is a well-known and -loved figure in this region. Raven is a creator who brings light to the people and is a trickster who takes many shapes. Raven made the world by swapping and switching things around. He is a keeper of secrets, a guardian spirit, a mischief maker, and a teacher.

Our Story

RavenSpace was born from the desire to overcome the limitations of print and extend collaborative relationships between scholars and Indigenous peoples into the publication process.

In 2010, UBC Press embarked on an intensive process of consultation with Indigenous partners and the academic community to pursue these goals, articulate the issues, identify priorities, and define the features that a new publishing model could provide. We then did the technological research to figure out how to create a digital space to improve the presentation, accessibility, and reach of Indigenous studies materials and facilitate the reciprocal flow of knowledge and ideas across Indigenous, scholarly, and educational spheres.

We teamed up with the University of Washington Press in 2015, as two publishers who have produced a rich variety of scholarship over several decades. We recognized the need to move beyond conventional models to facilitate more flexible forms of research and publication. When it comes to providing material in a digital format, however, the responsibility to respect protocols governing Indigenous intellectual and cultural heritage raises complex issues.

Our unique cross-border partnerships have laid the groundwork for scholars, Indigenous communities, educators, and publishers to engage in collaborative, inclusive work. Born on the Northwest Coast, RavenSpace takes inspiration from its region and is open to new works and publishers across North America and beyond.

RavenSpace represents our promise to the communities we serve. We support respectful access to and use of Indigenous knowledge in the digital domain. We transform existing technologies into a cohesive platform to make culturally sensitive research, writing, and publishing accessible. We help bring knowledge to light.


For more information or to submit a proposal, contact:

Darcy Cullen, RavenSpace Founder and Director: cullen@ubcpress.ca
Beth Fuget, RavenSpace Liaison for University of Washington Press: bfuget@uw.edu